Every interaction and relationship I have with a model/collaborator is different. Because much of my work involves nudity, there are a whole host of things that can come into play. A consistency is that we always begin somewhere and end up somewhere else. One of my very favorite versions of that is when the somewhere else is truly transformative and embraces the shining human you can become by being so bold. So bold as to stand naked and be seen.

Working with Mitchell Bethea was a really special experience in this way. He could fully see how important and symbolic doing something like this would be. He wanted to be that version of himself. The process of getting there had all of the anxiety and brain talk of preparing to bungee jump (his analogy) but he stayed completely present and saw it through in spite of any fears.

He was generous enough to let me interview him afterward and shared some further revealing elements of what it all meant.


  1. Wow I think this kind of video should be done with all the models you work with. I find that behind-the-scene documents are always fascinating.
    Beautiful photography as always!

    1. Hi Renaud: I’m going to try to do that. It’s hard to wear so many hats and be thinking like a filmmaker and a photographer at the same time, but I want to do it. Thanks for the nice compliment!

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