This is the greatest dance moment of all time.

Of course it’s not, but in the feeling of now, it is the greatest thing. I woke up this morning wanting to watch it again. As far as I can reach with feeling, my hand is filled with this dance.

Welcome to the Golden Age of commercials. A time beyond anything Don Draper could have conceived. We enter a period where we can choose whether or not to watch. We are up to our waist in it so far, but soon, commercials will be a choice. No longer can they simply yell at you and repeat and practice principals of mind manipulation. Now they must do those things AND make you WANT to watch. They must now be more like art.

Because of the brevity and constraints of the medium, a new form is emerging. Different than a music video. Different than a short film. I fucking love this one.

I so identify with the character in this commercial. There have been many, many times when I have felt like the wrong beast in a cage made of my surroundings…to the point that, as a dear friend once told me, that I was an animal gnawing at its own fur. This dance is such a beautiful reminder that even in the most grandly manufactured constructs that we are still most importantly defined by our own reality. And succumbing or not to what is around us is a choice.


    1. I still can’t stop watching it. Someone posted on Facebook that she is the daughter of the actress Andie McDowell.

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