The Unkindness of Ravens


A collaboration between Trey McIntyre Project and dancers from Korean National Contemporary Dance Company made possible by Dance Motion USA.


Coast Magazine

“It After only three weeks spent with McIntyre working on this new piece, Lee, An Lee Chang and Tae Hee Kim had transformed into some of Trey McIntyre Project’s company dancers; conveying strong emotions through facial expressions, executing flawless technique and fluidity, and most of all grasping the quirky and comedic appeal commonly found in McIntyre’s work.”

Idaho Statesman

“[In The Unkindness of Ravens], McIntyre’s choreography works with the tension between gravity and space. His dancers powerfully break the bounds and rebound to Earth as if connected by a bungee cord.”

Salt Lake Tribune

“The title of the first piece, “The Unkindness of Ravens,” is poetic in its efficiency and, like so much else in the choreography, is both literal and metaphorical. A group of the birds are called is by “an unkindness of ravens.” The etymology infers the birds’ characteristics and ultimately provides fascinating source material for a piece of choreography —so it’s funny, it’s strange, it’s sad, it’s twisted. But it’s about something—and that something is interesting.”

Chicago Dance Digest

“Trey McIntyre Project unwrapped a series of creative surprises during last night’s performance at Harris Theater. Three disparate works unfolded, each showcasing choreographer Trey McIntyre’s inventive craftsmanship. Opening the evening was the edgy, yet playful, “The Unkindness of Ravens”

Boise Weekly

“The biting mockery of The Unkindness of Ravens and the social commentary of Ladies and Gentle Men … show that Boise choreographer Trey McIntyre hasn’t lost a step in bringing together big ideas and minute observations through dance.”


  • Choreography: Trey McIntyre
  • Music: A Chorus Line Original Cast, Beirut, R. De Leon and L. Villalobos, The Growlers, Bunny Berigan, Connie Boswell and The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra, Korean Buddhist chanters and Todd Chavez, tUnE-yArDs, Johnny Greenwood, Johnny Cash
  • Costumes: Sandra Woodall
  • Lighting: Travis C. Richardson
  • Project Details

  • Premiere Company: Trey McIntyre Project
  • Date of Premiere: November 14, 2012