Ten Pin Episodes


Seattle Times

“From the fine-tuning of his first move — a leg lift perfectly synchronized with a bowling-pin lift — you know you’re in for a curious melding of the animate with the inanimate. As “Episodes” proceeds, the pins’ roles are continually transformed. One moment they’re outlets for aggression. The next, they’re crutches to lean on. Every step of the way, they alter the way that space is defined onstage. Hartley, for whom they become a nemesis, gives “Episodes” its unlikely emotion weight, enhanced by Travis C. Richardson’s strikingly angular lighting design.”


  • Choreography: Trey McIntyre
  • Music: Frédéric Chopin
  • Costumes: Andrea Lauer
  • Lighting: Travis C. Richardson
  • Project Details

  • Premiere Company: Trey McIntyre Project
  • Date of Premiere: February 13, 2010