Queen of the Goths


Ballet Magazine

“Choreographed as a trio, Trey McIntyre’s Queen of the Goths was an intriguing and somewhat humorous take on the bloody Shakespearean play, “Titus Andronicus.” Queen Tamora, grieving over the death of her oldest son, Alarbus, plans a vendetta against Titus. The lyrics of Nancy Sinatra’s song “Bang bang, he shot me down/Bang bang, I hit the ground/ Bang bang, that awful sound/Bang bang, I used to shoot you down” set the audience in the right mood from the start. The second scene successfully makes a long purple scarf an integral part of the choreography. Despite being clothed only in white undergarments, Sona Kharatian embodies chilling poise and dark glamour as the domineering, revenge-seeking Tamora. She was adroitly supported by Jonathan Jordan and Jason Hartley as her two vindictive sons.”

The Washington Post

“With his muscular “Queen of the Goths,” Trey McIntyre veered away from convention to find inspiration in “Titus Andronicus.” He got right to the point: mourning gives way to revenge, and oh, how sweet that is. Sona Kharatian was a ravenous Queen Tamora, with Jordan and Jason Hartley as her two scheming sons.”

The Washington Times

“Another “7 X 7” standout — Trey McIntyre’s “Queen of the Goths,” a rumination on a subplot in “Titus Andronicus.” His miniature work has…exciting choreography and authoritative performance. Its one flaw is the obscurity of its subject matter. The brief preperformance speech by artistic director Septime Webre partly illuminated the plot, followed by the bold clarity of the movement. Further pleasures are the intensity of the superlative cast (Sona Kharatian, Jonathan Jordan and Jason Hartley) and Mr. McIntyre’s unusual but surprisingly apt choice of music — two singular scores by Nancy Sinatra and Supergrass; their pounding rhythms giving a taut modern gloss to an ancient myth. The evening’s costuming, minimal but effective, is by Monica Leland with the exception of Liz Prince’s imaginative designs for “Queen of the Goths” — especially an alluring, deconstructed hoop skirt for Miss Kharatian.”

The Idaho Statesman

“The show opened with a short and sweet “Queen of the Goths,” a balletic study of Tamora, a character from Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus,”set to a mix of eclectic pop from Nancy Sinatra (“Bang, Bang”) and Supergrass (“Alright”). Created in 2007 for Washington Ballet, it is richly choreographed in a classical style perched on the edge of contemporary – a transitional piece from McIntyre’s classical ballet origins.”


  • Choreography: Trey McIntyre
  • Music: Nancy Sinatra, Supergrass, Antony and the Johnsons
  • Costumes: Liz Prince
  • Lighting: Travis C. Richardson
  • Project Details

  • Premiere Company: Trey McIntyre Project
  • Date of Premiere: May 3, 2007