High Lonesome


Commercial Appeal

“Set to the music of Grammy-winning pop musician Beck, the piece knocks you out of your seat, sits you up and knocks you down again. Drawn from McIntyre’s own experiences growing up, the story is told through the interactions of the dancers. Four appear in the beginning as the first of five songs from Beck’s album “Odelay” cranks up loud and rhythmically. They splash from behind a curtain of white strips, wearing white costumes…The dancing was a beautifully complex display of emotions through McIntyre’s blend of elegance and athleticism.”

Berkshire Eagle

“What we remember is the facile partnering and sense of community, the pell-mell athleticism, and the ricocheting from carefree social dance en pointe to cartwheels and fluid hip hop.”

Dance View

“McIntyre creates vivid portraits without burdening them with too much characterization, and skillfully arranges evocative situations through his use of spacing, lighting and suggestion.”

Idaho Statesman

“McIntyre brought his brilliantly expressive ballet-based movement and blended it with light touches of hip-hop and modern dance.”


  • Choreography: Trey McIntyre
  • Music: Beck
  • Costumes: Sandra Woodall
  • Set: Sandra Woodall
  • Lighting: Christina Giannelli
  • Project Details

  • Premiere Company: Ballet Memphis
  • Date of Premiere: October 27, 2001