The Reassuring Effects
(Of Form and Poetry)



“In the Washington Ballet’s splendid program that concludes this weekend, the jewel in its crown is a world premiere by Trey McIntyre. His new ballet is admirable on many levels. Waves of fresh, imaginative dancing spill across the stage; the movement is both virtuosic and nuanced…the new ballet is a tremendous addition to the company’s repertoire. The Washington Ballet has a pattern of seldom repeating a ballet from one season to the next, but The Reassuring Effects of Form and Poetry is one that bears repeated viewing – and soon.”


“In terms of pure creativity, the choreographer is a step ahead of the great composer. Where Dvorak repeats, McIntyre varies, expands and even reinvents. The athletically charged dancing follows an agenda beyond merely tracking the music, which for McIntyre is a springboard, not a path. In “Reassuring Effects,” a smart, skilled postmodernist pays homage to the past but stays firmly in the present. McIntyre’s dance stands as the brilliant centerpiece of an imaginative program.”


“The evening’s jewel: Trey McIntyre’s The Reassuring Effects of Form and Poetry, which drew a standing ovation. McIntyre is currently one of the ballet world’s hottest choreographers, and REFP showed us why. It’s a dizzying blend of classical and colloquial movement that moves with the speed and clarity of light. But it’s not cold. Once you see REFP, its title makes sense; the form is in the classical steps and structure, while the poetry comes from its physicality and a surprisingly powerful emotional subtext.”


  • Choreography: Trey McIntyre
  • Costumes: Liz Prince
  • Lighting: Nicholas Phillips
  • Music: Antonin Dvorak
  • Project Details

  • Date of Premiere: April 5, 2003
  • Premiere Company: The Washington Ballet