I spent a week in Miami to clear my head and prepare for the new piece I was making for San Francisco Ballet. While I was in town, I did a photoshoot with Miami City Ballet dancer Kleber Rebello at the nudist Haulover Beach on one of the few sunny days.

There is a lot of nervous energy leading up to starting a new piece. It’s looking for a place to go. With nothing to hook that¬†electricity up to, it’s easy to feed on oneself and invent tragedies.

There was a lot of rain that week, but I spent a day at the Wynwood Walls. It’s an area that takes the giant blank walls of a warehouse district and transforms them into canvases as way of creating a feeling of¬†event and a community and destination. In their sum total, they are inspiring. I like murals, but seeing a whole neighborhood under such a variance of scale and ideas was unique.

I tried as an experiment, to make a film about my day there. As a way to expend some of the creative energy that was champing at the bit, instead of pacing the city and worrying about my dance, I made a film about my day in the neighborhood.

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