While in Columbus, I did a photoshoot with Cincinnati Ballet dancer Daniel Wagner. We got up early on a Thursday morning to shoot images for my Dancer/Place Project. Here’s a video about the trip and the shoot. Lots of you have asked if you can purchase prints from some of these shoots, so this is my first attempt at making them available. Shoot me an email if you want more info:


  1. Yeah TMP’s! Thank you thank you for filling a void in my life called Trey! Your writing style is so inspiring and the images too. from the first entry, I have read the blog out loud, good for the brain they say. I’m happy to report that in addition to the curtains and the couch, my girlfriend was also listening during the Cuba entries. I had some vacation time coming up and we had been throwing ideas around the globe when all of the sudden a direction presented itself here. We booked yesterday, departing in a couple weeks for ten days! I’m really glad your back in my life Trey, keep the good art flowing. Aloha!!!

    1. Thank you so much my friend and amazing to hear from you. You give me good juice to keep at this. Amazing that you’re heading to Cuba!!!! Please tell me all about it. Are you going to Havana or touring around?

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