Trey McIntyre Project Announces New Direction for Year 10

Trey McIntyre Project is pleased to announce a bold new creative direction as we transition from being a full-time dance company toward the expanded artistic pursuits of our artistic director, Trey McIntyre. We are thrilled to expand the scope of what we are doing as we fulfill our mission to nurture, support and produce the artistic vision of Trey McIntyre and engage individuals and communities in the experience of art.

"It has been an amazing ride building a brand new model in the national dance landscape. It is one that is being studied and emulated, changing the direction of where dance in America is going. We are all proud to have worked so hard to do what we have done," said company Artistic Director, Trey McIntyre. "This is an amazing moment in that we continue to innovate and more deeply fulfill the mission of the company as we embark on projects that involve film, photography, text, and other forms of visual art."

Trey McIntyre Project was both founded and has functioned as a project-based company to support the artistic vision of Trey McIntyre. The inherent beauty of a project-based model is that once a project has reached its fruition a new one can commence. Trey McIntyre Project has fulfilled what we set out to do as a dance company and because of this success we are shifting focus by ending the full-time dance company and embarking on new projects.

To date, the company has already been through a very successful evolution, beginning as a part-time summer touring company that lasted from 2005-2009, then evolving into an incredibly successful full-time touring dance company from 2009-2014 (see press highlights from this project). We will end this season in June of 2014, after a robust spring tour schedule with highlighted performances at some of the nation's most prominent dance presenters: Zellerbach Hall, Harris Theater, Wolf Trap, and Jacob's Pillow. Starting in July, we will begin this next phase which will allow Trey to pursue projects in film, photography, and writing, while still exploring opportunities in dance.

Six years ago Trey embarked upon a project that many hailed as a great experiment. In the New York Times in 2008 he remarked on the stalled traditional model of the dance world:

"There's a lot of feelings of poverty, struggle, adversity," Mr. McIntyre said. " 'Oh, too bad this can't happen.' But then people continue to do things the old way. I'm not saying we have all the answers, but we're questioning everything: Why are we here? Why does dance exist in America?"

It was this kind of pioneering thinking that allowed Trey to shape the second phase of Trey McIntyre Project into one of the most successful dance companies in the United States, one which has operated, and continues to operate at a financial surplus since the beginning.

In the last year, through ventures such as the photography project in partnership with the Society for Wilderness Stewardship and the US Forest Service, the successful funding of the full-length documentary Ma Maison, and the publishing of his writing as part of the book When We Were Free to Be, Trey has begun to successfully stretch the brand of Trey McIntyre Project well beyond dance. He has paved the way for the next great experiment, while proving that there is interest and demand for him to explore alternate artistic paths.

The Future:

2014-2015 will mark the 10th anniversary of Trey McIntyre Project and the beginning of the next phase of the company. This phase will incorporate elements from the past as well as the future allowing Trey freedom to focus his attention on different media.

Film: In the first half of 2014-15 the company will unveil the finished film project Ma Maison. This film project was successfully funded using Kickstarter in 2013. The company will also produce a full-length documentary providing a real-life and personal chronicle of the first 10 years of TMP. This project will entail collecting over 100 interviews from those who have had a part in the company's history. We will also begin work on fundraising for future film projects on a project-by-project basis.

Photography: The company will continue to seek out photography projects for Trey, similar to the partnership with the Society for Wilderness Stewardship and the US Forest Service. Trey will also culminate several photography projects he has been working on as published books and gallery showings.

Dance: McIntyre will continue to move forward on commissioned work with large presenters. There will be many opportunities for TMP to employ current dancers who choose to work on a freelance basis. The company will also be fulfilling a third major commission from Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa, CA to create a site-specific outdoor work that incorporates dance. Trey's commissioned work with other dance companies will increase.

Boise’s Mayor David Bieter made this comment regarding Trey McIntyre Project's new direction:

"Anyone who has followed TMP’s impressive trajectory knows that this organization brings energy, innovation, and quality to everything it does. Given TMP’s track record for creating new and exciting works of art, it’s not surprising to see the organization take a fresh direction. I'm sure TMP’s future will be as thrilling as its past."

Dancer Chanel DaSilva, who danced with the company for the entirety of its full-time existence commented:

"What an amazing, unforgettable and life-changing journey my time with Trey McIntyre Project has been. Over the last six years I have had the honor of working and creating so deeply with Trey and to have been a muse for his works, to have toured and brought dance and joy to audiences all over the world, and to have grown significantly as a dancer, but also as an artist. As Trey McIntyre Project shifts into a new phase of its existence I have nothing but curiosity and excitement in my heart for what is to come. I have watched Trey, year after year, make magic happen. He has never ceased to amaze me. I believe in his vision, I trust in his creativity and I'm confident that this evolution of TMP will be nothing short of groundbreaking."

The Next Phase:

We will continue to engage audiences by including them in the creative process. . We have plans to adapt our engagement initiatives to showcase the new media that Trey is working in, providing educational and access opportunities to new audiences. This effort has already begun: for instance, this spring at Artosphere in Fayetteville, the company will present a lecture demonstration about the photographs from the partnership with the Society for Wilderness Stewardship and the US Forest Service photographs and a showing of the film, The Sun Road.

"The Board of Directors is proud to have supported the success of the full-time dance company and we are excited to support this bold new direction. We recognize Trey to be a genius and an innovator and are honored to help make this bold next step a reality," said Blair Kutrow, TMP Board Chair.

July 1, 2014 marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Trey McIntyre Project. The success of this next phase will be framed by the enormous following Trey's vision has built over the last nine years, as well as a modest budget, and an excellent team who understand both the logistics of building an organization and the value of what is already in place. Right now Trey McIntyre Project is poised to once again break new creative ground. For interviews and more information please contact:

Caty Solace, Chief Strategy Officer