the staff

Trey McIntyre

Artistic Director & Co-Founder

What Trey Does at TMP
Trey concepts and creates new dance works; collaborates with designers to execute concepts; shoots, directs, and edits videos; oversees and runs the branding, strategy and design aesthetic vision of the company; puts desks together; discovers, nurtures, and mentors dancers and designers; manages the cultural shape of the organization; works with the Engagement team to craft experiences; manages the color yellow; fosters connections in the greater arts world; and serves as a TMP spokesperson.

Trey’s TMP Accomplishments
Created multi-media performance piece "The More I See You" for Orange County Performing Arts Center and encouraged 3,000 people to follow him and the dancers outside for a performance experience that was brand new to them.

About Trey
Trey McIntyre is one of the most sought after choreographers working today. Born in Wichita, KS, McIntyre has created a canon of more than 90 works for companies such as American Ballet Theatre, Stuttgart Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, New York City Ballet and Ballet de Santiago (Chile). He served as Choreographic Associate for Houston Ballet from 1989-2008 and Resident Choreographer for Oregon Ballet Theatre, Ballet Memphis and The Washington Ballet before forming his acclaimed Trey McIntyre Project in 2008 based in Boise, ID.

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What Trey Brings to TMP
He is not fearless, but he has the guts to do what it takes to be better than he was yesterday.

Brian Aune

Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

What Brian Does at TMP
Brian manages the business of TMP so that Trey is free to fulfill the artistry and vision that led to the founding of TMP. As a manager and an attorney, he not only oversees all aspects of TMP’s business, but he also reviews and drafts virtually all agreements that TMP engages in.

Brian’s TMP Accomplishments
Rather than speak to his past accomplishments at TMP, Brian is most proud of being entrusted to help lead the thriving organization that is TMP into the future.

About Brian
Immediately prior to joining TMP, Brian spent a year as a corporate and real estate attorney at Hawley Troxell, Idaho's oldest and largest corporate law firm. He worked in management for more than 10 years before he received his B.A. in Communication and Political Science from the University of Hawaii in 2007 and his law degree from Harvard Law School in 2010.

What Brian Brings to TMP
With Brian’s management and legal experience, he brings a level of business acumen that will help TMP grow into the future. One of the aspects he enjoys the most about management is the opportunity to help the people that comprise the business to confront the daily challenges of working in such a high-functioning, fast-paced environment as TMP. This makes Brian an asset not just to TMP but also to the people who make TMP thrive.

Caty Solace

Chief Strategy Officer

What Caty Does at TMP
Caty is responsible for leading TMP's strategy. She is proud to help bring Trey's artistic vision into the world by facilitating and lending a strategic eye to the work that everyone at TMP does so well.

Caty’s TMP Accomplishments
Caty has worked here longer than any other administrative staff member and she has worked in all areas of TMP’s operations besides production.

About Caty
Caty graduated from Evergreen State College, BA, and from Antioch University, MFA. She published a book of prose and poems and won a half marathon. Caty gave birth naturally to a beautiful baby boy and loves her husband deeply.

What Caty Brings to TMP
Caty has a brain that works really well in the no-man's land between the analytical and creative. She loves to devote herself entirely to her work and she has a deep understanding of the inner workings of TMP from her years watching and helping to build its infrastructure. Caty’s institutional knowledge of TMP is highly regarded—and often tapped into—by her colleagues.

Brendan Grevatt

Production Director

What Brendan Does at TMP
Brendan coordinates and manages the technical side of TMP’s productions. He works with the production staff of venues in Boise, and around the world, to ensure that Trey’s vision is brought to life no matter where they are performing. In addition to leading the technical production staff, Brendan is responsible for ensuring the design integrity of each TMP production, in every theater they visit.

Brendan’s TMP Accomplishments
As a new addition to the team, Brendan is honored to join an internationally renowned company like TMP and looks forward to the work he will be able to do for them.

About Brendan
Brendan comes to TMP having worked in technical theater for more than 12 years in the greater Los Angeles area. Immediately before moving to Boise in 2013, Brendan spent 4 years as the Master Electrician of the historic Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA, which, in addition to their regular performances, played host to film shoots for the popular television shows Last Comic Standing, Face/Off, and Glee. Other favorite credits include working as an Electrician for the Terrace Theater of Long Beach and as Touring Technical Director for Opera A La Carte. He was actively involved in several high school theater programs, including Master Electrician and Lighting Designer for more than 25 productions for La Serna High School.

What Brendan Brings to TMP
Brendan brings a wealth of experience translating the artistic visions of directors, choreographers, and designers into the concrete, wood, and steel needed to make those visions a reality. Though he can seem rough around the edges at times, it is simply his desire to work efficiently and effectively, as a team, to get the job done, no matter what challenges arise.

Kristin Aune

Engagement Director

What Kristin Does at TMP
Kristin oversees Engagement programs including community events, educational activities, hospital visits and guest appearances. She develops community partnerships and manages logistics with artistic collaborators. Kristin tours occasionally with the company to implement intensive residencies in cities around the U.S.

Kristin’s TMP Accomplishments
Kristin helps design and carry out the company's Engagement initiatives, extending the impact of TMP and Trey's vision in communities across the country.

About Kristin
Kristin was a professional dancer for over 16 years. She was Assistant Dance Director at Harvard University, where she taught for the American Repertory Theater Institute, and was on dance faculty at Punahou School in Honolulu, HI. Kristin has a BA from Yale University and an EdM from Harvard. She is happily married to Brian Aune and is grateful that they can bring their dog Kai to work so he can fulfill his function as TMP's therapy dog.

What Kristin Brings to TMP
A love for the collaborative and creative spirit, a passion for Trey's work, a belief in the transformative power of art, an unflinching work ethic and an instinct to laugh heartily every single day.

Kyle Morck

Digital Content Manager

What Kyle Does at TMP
Kyle films and edits videos, records performances, creates a documentary for every piece performed, creates videos that are screened before TMP home shows, manages photo and video archives, hires photographers, oversees photo distribution, photographs engagement events, designs and maintains website and is TMP’s IT guy.

Kyle's TMP accomplishments
Kyle creates videos that are seen by thousands of people and while doing that, has spent the last several months and untold hours storyboarding, designing and programming TMP's updated website.

About Kyle
Before joining TMP, Kyle worked as director and cinematographer on one feature-length film, one full-length documentary and 12 short films. With a passion for storytelling and design, Kyle spends most of his spare time writing, thinking about or making films and theater.

What Kyle Brings to TMP
Kyle has been a dedicated fan of TMP since seeing a TMP performance in Year 2: 2008-09. As part of the staff, Kyle is happy to do whatever he can to help showcase and elevate the art and brand of TMP.

Deborah Singer

Operations Manager

What Deborah Does at TMP
Deborah helps manage the internal operations of TMP Headquarters, including managing rentals of TMP's studio space. She also coordinates travel and logistics for the touring company.

Deborah’s TMP Accomplishments
Deborah has been an integral part of eight World Premieres and/or TMP premieres of Trey's work and of touring that work around the world.

About Deborah
Deborah is from Columbus, Ohio. She has a B.A. in Theatre-Stage Management from the Otterbein University Department of Theatre and Dance. She was the Company Stage Manager at the Contemporary American Theatre Company (CATCO) for four years, the Stage Manager at Creede Repertory Theatre for four seasons; the Entertainment Technician with Carnival Cruise Lines for two years; and she served as TMP's Stage Manager in Years 3, 4 and 5 before moving into the role of Operations Manager.

The first time Deborah traveled outside the U.S., she was 22 years-old and went solo to Bangkok, Thailand and Sri Lanka. She got a college scholarship to play the viola, she loves to play darts and she’s a sci-fi fan.

What Deborah Brings to TMP
A drive to organize and systemize, a healthy dose of OCD, and a devotion to the performing-arts vocation.