Leatherwing Bat

Rediscovering Leatherwing Bat

Excerpts from Leatherwing Bat


I hope we'll see the Trey McIntyre Dance Project here often; McIntyre appears to be a choreographic genius of Balanchinian proportions.
-The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Leatherwing Bat . . . beautifully straddles the line between the whimsical and the poignant, never allowing easy definition of its intent . . . the willfully childlike lyrics work in odd yet resonant tandem with the focused movement, which shakes ballet’s tight forms into looser shapes with a lovely fluidity and use of idiomatic, everyday gesture.
-The New York Times

Leatherwing Bat is a sentimental revisit to childhood seen through the adult eye of whimsical irony that is both sad and sweet. It also shows what sets this company apart — a depth of emotional eloquence that adds resonance to every movement.
-Idaho Statesman

. . . with his affecting Leatherwing Bat . . . [McIntyre] evoked playground games and childhood innocence lost -- and proved that one can make great art by responding honestly to such unlikely musical material as ‘Puff the Magic Dragon.’
-The Times–Picayune

Leatherwing Bat evokes an absorbing atmosphere of memory, magic, and melancholy.
-Ballet-Dance Magazine

Leatherwing Bat combines a child’s sense of wonder with adult inventiveness.
-Dance Magazine

The faint story line of McIntyre’s “Leatherwing Bat” is universal. The cast of six may be seen as two trios perhaps representing the duality of memory, one cavorting with the giddy and carefree ease of halcyon days, the other weighted with tenser times. Though set to children’s songs by the folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary, the tone is sweetly humorous rather than syrupy.
-The Boston Globe


Peter, Paul and Mary


Running Time: 18 minutes
Premiered: Aug. 20, 2008 by Trey McIntyre Project


Costume Design: Sandra Woodall
Lighting Design: Michael Mazzola


Leatherwing Bat was underwritten by Carol Swig of Eagle, ID and The Swig Foundation with additional support provided by The James Irvine Foundation

The restaging of Leatherwing Bat was underwritten by Mark and Judi Aronchick of Penn Valley, PA