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Big Ones

An absurd romp played out in a showbiz coliseum to the music of the late, great Amy Winehouse.

Be Here Now

A tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love


An absurdist tale in ballet vocabulary to songs by Darius Milhaud.

The Reassuring Effects
(Of Form and Poetry)

A group dance that walks the line between classical form and contemporary breadth.

Gravity Heroes

Dance theater in three scenes featuring an eclectic mix of music including Antony and the Johnsons and Benjamin Britten

The Sweeter End

The follow-up to Trey's first hit collaboration with New Orleans's Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Go Out

Members of a community try to find the path away from death set to a bluegrass score

The Vinegar Works: Four Dances of
Moral Instruction

Four macabre stories based on the illustrated works of Edward Gorey.


Group work set to a percussion score by Ney Rosauro

Full Grown Man

Young Scouts exploring the adult boundaries of love.


A group work exploring the history and culture of Basque society.

The Accidental

A contemplative series of duets completed by a powerful male solo.

Steel and Rain

Big company piece set to a complex Bela Bartok string quartet

Wild Sweet Love

A fun-filled epic musing on the romantic love ritual.


A dance danced 1/2 in the dark with the dancers using hand-held lighting

Under Fire

A meditative dance by the campfire examining both the loss and permanence in memory.

The Sun Road

Commissioned as part of Wolf Trap's Face of America series, this piece uses video projections that were filmed in Glacier National Park

Ladies and Gentle Men

A reverie based on the 1970's children's program and book Free to Be You and Me

Bad Winter

A solo and duet full of intense emotion and physicality


A group percussion jam for 6 dancers set to the music of Art Blakey

Hot Dogs! (Test For Image Gallery Captions)

A Series of Hot Dogs, Scraped From Google. Hungry Yet?

Robust American Love

A work inspired by the poetry of Walt Whitman.

In Dreams

A tight ensemble piece for 5 dancers set to the plaintive recordings of Roy Orbison.

Blue Until June

Dancers crawl from out of the earth to play out the longings and heartbreaks of their lives. Scored to the recordings of Etta James.

Like a Samba

A balletic exploration of the Samba that "spools out like silk."

Chasing Squirrel

An explosion of color and sensuality in this exploration of male/female courtship set to the Kronos Quartet recording: Nuevo

Oh Inverted World

Work for 8 dancers to the music of The Shins

Peter Pan

Three-act, full-company ballet based on the novel by J.M. Barrie

The Naughty Boy!

Classical work inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen story

Second Before the Ground

A work for 16 dancers to the music of Pieces of Africa by The Kronos Quartet

A Day in the Life

Work for 8 dancers to the music of The Beatles