Trey McIntyre Project believes the role of the 21st century performing arts organization is not only to offer performances, but to enhance the audience experience and engage and educate whole communities.

TMP has learned that the real key to successful engagement is the face-to-face relationship: meeting with community leaders and elected officials; gathering with other non-profit and arts organizations; mentoring youth; spending time with donors, patrons, and sponsors; and popping up with performances on the streets. These are not things TMP does necessarily to further a specific initiative or program but to keep the viability of an arts organization at the forefront of what is being discussed in the community.

For several weeks each season, TMP steps off the stage and into schools, hospitals, public places, and businesses. This connection with students, patients, healthcare providers, and business owners fosters a sense of community ownership. TMP strives to be a catalyst and role model for making engagement and creative placemaking as omnipresent as the air we breathe.

Here are a few examples of how TMP engages audiences:

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In the Schools

Either in the school or in the theater, Trey McIntyre Project seeks to serve as a creative role model for youth by demonstrating pieces from our repertoire and engaging students in a discussion in which they participate verbally and physically. Kids get an up-close experience with professional dancers and a behind- the-scenes opportunity to learn about ballet and a career in the arts.

In the Hospitals

Trey McIntyre Project interacts with patients, healthcare providers, staff, families and visitors. These experiences provide a welcome distraction for people in pain and instill a sense of hope in professional caregivers.

In the Streets

SpUrbans are Trey McIntyre Project’s signature Spontaneous Urban Performances. McIntyre has choreographed a variety of works that are meant to be performed without notice in bustling public spaces. The dancers hit the streets, performing in the midst of public markets, college campuses, or favorite lunch places with promotional materials in hand.

Behind the Scenes

Step inside the studio and watch McIntyre work with the dancers as he fine-tunes a piece or choreographs something brand new. These events provide a rare glimpse into McIntyre’s process and are a chance to witness creative moments usually reserved for the artists involved. Viewers are present as McIntyre starts with the seed of an idea and transforms it into what may be the foundation of an innovative new work.

Master Classes

Classes engage the dancers in your community giving them the distinct experience of feeling McIntyre’s choreography in their own bodies. Trey McIntyre Project offers classes for all skill levels and types.

Creative Conversations

The dancers and staff of Trey McIntyre Project have expertise in a variety of subjects from the art of dance, to the lifestyle of dance, to creative business models. TMP takes place in creative conversations including lectures, pre and post show Q&A's, and film discussions.