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Trey McIntyre Today
RT @yinyuedance: @TreyMcIntyre thank you for your feedback, inspiration and guidance during the creation!!!!

Trey McIntyre Today
RT @MatthewNeenan: @TreyMcIntyre thank you! #BigOnes was fabulous last night, congrats

Trey McIntyre Today
RT @Dance_Magazine: What has @TreyMcIntyre been up to since disbanding his company? (PC McIntyre)

Trey McIntyre Today
RT @yinyuedance: @TreyMcIntyre congratulations to you Mr Trey!!!!!

Trey McIntyre Today
Congrats @yinyuedance on a wonderful premiere last night. #dance

Trey McIntyre Today
RT @NewsWorksWHYY: Amy Winehouse is muse for BalletX dance premiere

Ashley Werhun Today
Not practicing but I'm giving up be thing for Lent: self doubt.

Brett Perry Today
So excited about @foodfortfest this year at #Treefort2016! Let's eat and party!

Trey McIntyre Today
Show's off to a great start. 1st piece by @matthewneenan is gorgeous. @BalletX #dance

Trey McIntyre Yesterday
RT @BalletX: Opening night is here! Premieres by @TreyMcIntyre @MatthewNeenan and @yinyuedance

Ashley Werhun Yesterday
Live from Capital Hill "You rob a connivence store -you go to jail,you rob people out of millions of dollars- you get a cocktail" #bigbanks

Brett Perry Yesterday
#FeelTheBern yes yes yes

Trey McIntyre Feb. 9, 2016
Beautiful tech with @BalletX this afternoon. What a privilege to work with this exceptional company.

Brett Perry Feb. 9, 2016
RT @ledboise: Gettin' pumped for @treefortfest Busy clownin' around in the studio this week. Can't wait! #treefort2016 #LEDboise https://…

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